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Help and Support


Q. What territories does ServiceFolks cover?
A. ServiceFolks is presently only in selected cities of Canada.

Q What is qualifying criteria to be a ServiceFolks service Provider.
A To be a service Provider please meet the following requirements:
• Be at least 21 years of age: All Provider must meet this age requirement in order to perform tasks.
• Be able to work in Canada (if you are not sure please contact a lawyer).
• Be able to get in a legal contract (if you are not sure please contact a lawyer).
• Offer your services in areas covered by ServiceFolks. Currently, we are adding new services, keep a lookout for these services. If you want to suggest a service, please mail us here.
• Provide us with personal information for ID check.
• Have a face picture ready to be uploaded to the profile.
• Have an account with PayPal to receive your payments which is linked to a valid your credit card always for charging any applicable charges.
• Have skills and capabilities: We expect our Taskers to be skilled in their categories, represent themselves accurately, and keep commitments to their Clients. Currently, we are adding new services, keep a lookout for these services. If you want to suggest a service, please mail us here.
• Have a smartphone: For making the best use of the portal, a smartphone allows you to work on the go.
If you meet all these requirements, please click here to start your registration!


Q. How do I register myself as a Service Provider?

A. You can register to become a Service Provider at the following links:

You will be temporarily registered pending your profile-based approval. Once we have minimum required information and profile is approved you can start quoting for the projects.

Q Do I become a ServiceFolks employee on registration?
A. No, you offer your services to Clients as an independent contractor and at no stage become an agent or employee of ServiceFolks.

Q. Is there a fixed initial charge for registering as Service Provider
A. Unlike some other service marketplaces, there is no charge for registering as a Service Provider. ServiceFolks is dedicated to offering the benefit of the marketplace to every service provider and consumers and does not want to impose restrictions of any kind.

Q. Is there a monthly fee applicable to Service Providers?
A. No there is no fixed monthly fees payable by Service Providers.

Q. Will we get paid the full amount of my quote for a service?
A. ServiceFolks provides its services to the Providers as well as Clients. But its services to Clients, in a non-cancelled contract, are always free of any charges. However, we charge Providers a fee for our services as per our fees schedule mentioned under Fees in Terms of Use published on the site.


Q. If my project price fixed?
A. In ServiceFolks, the project price is fixed. Therefore, for time-based services, there has to be a good estimation of time.

Q. Can I schedule my project on the ServiceFolks?
A. Yes, you can schedule your work on ServiceFolks calendar.

Q. Can I sync the ServiceFolks Calendar with my personal Calendar?
A. No, currently such service is not available.


Q. How do I receive my payments?
A. Users of the Service Folks Platform are required to have an account with Payment Service Provider recommended by COMPANY (the “PSP”, currently PayPal). The service charges are transferred to your account within 48 hours of your confirmation of successful and undisputed completion of Task.

Q. I do not have a PayPal account. Can my earnings be transferred to my bank account instead?
A. No, at this time we cannot transfer the money directly to your bank account and you are required to have a PayPal account to receive your funds from Escrow.

Q As a client when will I be charged?
A. You will be charged for the full value of the contract at the time of confirmation of the contract. However, the funds will stay safe in an Escrow account and refundable subject to deduction of a fee if any. The funds are settled and released from Escrow account only on logical conclusion of the agreement as completed, cancelled or terminated.

Q As a Client do I have to Pay PSP commission in addition to project fees.
A No. your price is net price and we bear the PSP charges from the service charges that we deduct from the Provider.

Q As a Provider, do I have to bear the PSP charges in addition to service charges paid to ServiceFolks?
A No. ServiceFolks bears the PSP charges. So for a contract value of $ 100, you will get net $80 transferred to your PSP account.